Franklin County Common Pleas Court Gen-Division – Local Rules for Foreclosure Mediation Program


106.01 Eligibility for Foreclosure Mediation 

Tax foreclosures are not eligible for the mediation program.  Homeowners who have been served with a complaint in foreclosure are eligible.


106.02       Procedures to Request Mediation

(A) Prior to the answer date, a request for mediation of a foreclosure case may be made by filing a request with the Project. Upon being notified of the request, the assigned judge may issue an order of reference.

(B) A request for mediation after the answer date or post-judgment shall be filed with the assigned judge for consideration.


106.03       Mediation Procedures

(A) The answer date shall be extended for a period of sixty (60) days.

(B) Mediation shall be conducted within sixty (60) days of the answer date.

(1)             Any continuance of the mediation beyond the sixty (60) days must first be approved by the assigned judge.

(C) The Project shall notify the assigned judge of the results of the mediation within three (3) days of completion.

(D) The Project shall prepare forms for requesting mediation and notices and shall submit same for approval by the Court.

(E) Requests for mediation, notices of mediation, continuances of mediation and any report as to the status of the mediation process shall be filed with the Clerk of Courts.  A copy of all documents filed with the Clerk of Courts shall be provided to the assigned judge.