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GM Berry, Browns launch racial justice initiative for change

CLEVELAND — Andrew Berry was moved emotionally, and eventually into action. Dismayed by George Floyd's tragic death in Minneapolis, yet strengthened by the nationwide wave of protests that followed, Berry, Browns vice president of football [...]

As student athletes return to campus, what are they signing up for?

Ohio State calls it the Buckeye Acknowledgment and Pledge, a two-page document the school asked its athletes to sign before they could begin using team facilities during the pandemic. The document SMU is requiring its [...]

Stadium virus prevention puts spotlight on fan privacy

The metal detectors every sports fan has become accustomed to at the gate might soon be accompanied by thermal body scanners as part of the gargantuan task of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus [...]

Title IX is a major factor for colleges looking to cut sports programs

Financially challenged schools considering cutting sports in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic are making difficult decisions of who gets to keep playing and who doesn't. The choices aren't just about money when they involve [...]

Like it or not, here come the National League designated hitters

Before all the self-proclaimed purists forecasting the destruction of baseball strategy and the very sanctity of the sport as we know it go berserk bemoaning the inclusion of a designated hitter in the National League [...]

Virus sparks debate on whether more prospects will stay home

Concerns about the new coronavirus are preventing football prospects from visiting campuses this spring and keeping college coaches from traveling to evaluate them. North Carolina coach Mack Brown said he believes this could cause more [...]