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Columbus facility jumps on growing popularity of parkour

Richard Skowronski said he often cringes when he sees how mainstream media represents parkour. Usually it’s in the form of daredevil stunts such as viral videos, where people leap across rooftops. But Skowronski, a coach [...]

Debate about whether to pay college athletes could play out in courtrooms

A debate between student-athletes and the organization governing them is coming to a head with the pay to play battle. College students who participate in athletics are not classified as professionals, they’re classified as amateurs, [...]

Plenty of opinions, but few offer solutions to fix college basketball

The cracked facade of NCAA hoops appears to be crumbling and while LeBron James, John Calipari and many agree that college basketball should be overhauled, there’s no consensus on how to repair the system. A [...]

Arnold Sports Festival has grown a lot during its 30-year existence

The 2018 Arnold Sports Festival will celebrate its 30th anniversary this weekend in central Ohio. The four-day health and fitness event will present more than 75 sports including 17 Olympic events. “What began as a [...]

Could regional flavor of CFP cause fans to tune away from games?

Hardcore college football fans across the country undoubtedly will be tuned in for the College Football Playoff. But what about casual fans outside SEC, ACC and Big 12 country? With the Pac-12 and Big Ten [...]

Deer hunting is limited in Western states after a cold, snowy winter

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Hunting guide Mike Clark normally has more than 20 clients lined up each fall for trips deep into Wyoming’s western wilderness to shoot mule deer, prized by hunters for their size [...]