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Push Email Service

Updated throughout the day thedailyreporteronline.com currently contains nearly 7 million records in legal filing and public notice databases, as well as local news articles dating to 1999. While the general public can view a portion of the information found on our website, only five-day subscribers have access to all The Daily Reporter’s searchable databases and the rest of the archived information found on thedailyreporteronline.com. Five-day subscriber3s of The Daily Reporter also may elect to subscribe to a customized e-mail service of searchable, sortable database information that can provide business leads.

The push email service is available in formats to cater to all of our subscribers including Microsoft Excel, Filemaker, and many different tab and comma delimited formats. Subscribe to our weekly push email service and receive data before noon on Wednesday’s. We also offer this service on a daily basis. We will send you the data as soon as it has been processed.

The service is available for any of our court filing or public notice databases including:

Court Files
Building Permits
Common Pleas
Common Liens
Court of Appeals
Criminal Hearings
Domestic Court

Court Files
Marriage Licenses
Miscellaneous Liens
Municipal Court
Probate Court
Real Estate Deeds
U.S. District Court
Vendor’s Licenses

Public Notices
Bid Notices
Divorce Notices
Juvenile Notices
Foreclosure Notices
Miscellaneous Notices
Probate Notices
Sheriff’s Auction

If you have any questions or if you would like to inquire about push email service pricing please contact our circulation department via phone at (614) 228-6397 or email at circulation@thedailyreporteronline.com.