State employees to receive disability etiquette, awareness training

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Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and the Ohio Department of Administrative Services announced this week the launch of a training for all state employees: Disability Etiquette and Awareness.

The training is an effort unprecedented in state history that ultimately supports inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace.

The e-learning training module features interviews with several Ohioans who discuss their disabilities and offers practical examples for interaction and communication.

Disability Etiquette and Awareness helps participants become aware of respectful etiquette and proper language usage related to interactions with people with different types of disabilities.

“This is an important step toward greater inclusion,” said Gov. Mike DeWine. “Improving the workplace for employees with disabilities isn’t just the right thing to do -it’s a matter of attracting and sustaining a talented workforce.”

The training effort is an extension of DeWine’s Executive Order 2019-03D, signed on Jan. 14, 2019, establishing Ohio as a disability inclusion state and model employer of individuals with disabilities.

In May, LeadOhio, the statewide management training curriculum, was enhanced to include presentations on disability in the workplace.

The expectation for inclusion was also furthered as agency staff assisted administrative services in the creation and selection of the State Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator in May, following a nationwide search.

“This is about promoting inclusive workplace cultures,” said Kevin Miller, Director of OOD. “Inclusion means that all people, regardless of their differences, are welcomed, respected, included, and valued. Understanding perspectives from those with the lived experience of a disability is an effective way to increase awareness and learn practical tips.”

“With more than 50,000 employees, the State of Ohio is one of the largest employers in the state,” said administrative services Director Matt Damschroder. “Our goal is to be a model employer for inclusion, and to be a leader in achieving Governor DeWine’s vision of Ohio becoming a disability inclusion state.”

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State employees to receive disability etiquette, awareness t…

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