Columbus firm finds success after building a better wallet

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A wallet store located on Gay Street in downtown Columbus creates unique items that are on the small side.

Paul Westrick, the founder of zerOz wallets, said the idea happened with the frustration of a fat wallet.

Being an active cyclist, Westrick used rubber bands to hold his items instead of a traditional wallet, an idea that has grown the past eight years.

Using his experience in the design industry, he created a new wallet that is much more practical and more stylish, according to the company.

“At first glance, you’ll think it’s too small to contain your life’s paper trail of receipts and collection of plastic, but zerOz is about evaluating what you really need, and streamlining what you actually use,” they said.

zerOz wallets are genuine Italian leather or American bison and created by a team of artists and designers so that each wallet is special-made in 50 different colors.

The backing material is recycled leather composite from shoe manufacturers and the cashstrap on the back is laser etched from high tech rubber from the automotive industry, according to a news release.

zerOz slim wallets allow you to carry your most used credit cards, gift cards, ID cards, insurance cards or any other cards and then slide them left or right to access what you need.

The quick access pocket tab pulls out your favorite or most used card, and you can organize your others in whatever sequence is easiest for you.

“Super simple, super intuitive, super slim and easy to use,” their website states.

According to the company, zerOz is for both men and women of all ages.

“Men tend to enjoy two sizes, small and medium,” it states. “They carry it in their front pocket.”

For women, zerOz slim is most popular, allowing the transference from purse to pocket to briefcase easy. The company also suggests an extra-small wallet for going out or traveling when you don’t want to carry a purse.

“zerOz is perfect for kids, too,” according to the website. “Kids have all kinds of cards now: pool passes, library cards, school ID cards, gift cards … with a zerOz skinny wallet, kids will take responsibility, keep track of their own cards and feel hip at the same time.”

The extra-small size holds two to three cards, the small holds about 5 cards and the medium option holds about 10 cards.

Wallets range from $36 to $140 in many different textures and can be purchased at the retail location or online at their website.

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Columbus firm finds success after building a better wallet

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