OSU’s Fisher offers customized executive education

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Executive education offerings generally skew toward general business and health care, leaving other professions or segments of business to their own devices in the event corporate leaders want to expand the expertise of company or organizational leaders.

The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business offers to organizations and large groups customized content and programming to create a think-tank environment within the company that increases individual and organizational success.

According to the college’s website, these customizable programs can be a significant lever for achieving a company’s goals.

The first step in the design process for custom programs is to understand the needs of the client.

“We conduct assessments at the individual, organization, or process levels to craft a better education solution,” the website noted. “If you have already completed an assessment process, our instructors and design team can use your existing data.”

Clients are prompted to respond to questions, such as “what is most critical to your organization; what clear learning objectives do you have to meet organizational goals; and what knowledge should your employee be able to apply within your organization after completing the program?”

In the design phase, program developers focus on closing the gaps identified in the assessment process.

They work with the client to determine the specific content and to ensure that it is presented in a mode best suited for a given audience to apply the learning.

Design solutions typically involve a blend of classroom learning, online learning, individual and group projects and exercises, case studies, individual coaching, simulations, and other modes of action learning.

Fisher delivers its programs in two ways: on campus, utilizing the college’s world-class facility, or on site.

“Our delivery can include everything from your learning management system, to on-site program administration and program measurement evaluation,” the website continued.

All customizable programs include evaluations at the participant and process levels.

Subject areas range from finance/accounting, general business, e-commerce and employment law to supply-chain management, lean manufacturing, negotiation and workplace diversity.

Fisher’s client portfolio for its customizable programs is a who’s who of business, including American Electric Power, the U.S. Army, Cardinal Health, JP Morgan Chase and Honda of America.

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OSU’s Fisher offers customized executive education

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