Nationwide to offer its Care Concierge service to some of its customers

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Navigating life in retirement can be challenging for many retirees.

While financial advisors can provide a roadmap for financial needs, many can’t help their clients when life challenges occur, such as finding a home for elderly parents, resolving health care issues or accessing counseling services.

Next month, Nationwide will start offering the Nationwide Care Concierge service to its customers of certain variable annuities at no additional cost.

It is a confidential service providing 24-hour access to guidance on complex issues and questions that pop up during retirement.

“Nationwide is committed to trying new things to help Americans prepare for and live in retirement,” said Eric Henderson, senior vice president of Nationwide’s annuity and life insurance businesses. “We’re proud to offer Care Concierge on select variable annuities as a new, innovative benefit for members.”

The program extends the benefits Nationwide associates currently receive, such as health advocacy, counseling and access to legal services, to members of select Nationwide variable annuity products.

This service will be administered by West’s Health Advocate Solutions, a clinical health care advocacy provider.

Nationwide is estimating that the service will initially be available to 25,000 members, increasing to more than 30,000 by the end of the first year.

In addition to contract owners, the service will extend to spouses, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.

Some members’ new benefits include: help for members who are turning age 65 as they navigate the Medicare system; find doctors or specialists and make appointments; research and review medical treatment options; help with arranging care for aging parents or adult children; counseling services to help with personal issues, life transitions or grief after the passing of a loved one; managing health insurance claims and billing issues; access to legal services for minor legal questions; and concierge services for vacation or event planning, entertainment recommendations and gift ideas.

“Health Advocate is an industry leader in health care advocacy serving over 50 million lives,” said Henderson. “We trust them with our own associates as we have a current partnership with them as an associate benefit, and we trust them with our members.”

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Nationwide to offer its Care Concierge service to some of it…

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