Three Columbus-based architects have been named fellows in the American Institute of Architects.

Lane Beougher, energy program manager at the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission; Tim Fishking, prinipal at NBBJ; and David Meleca, principal at David B. Meleca Architects, have earned the prestigious designation from the national arm of the professional association for architects.

Beougher, Fishking and Meleca are all members of the institute’s Columbus chapter and are among the 178 institute members nationwide to receive the designation in 2017.

The fellowship designation is determined by jury selection and is awarded to members of the American Instutute of Architects who “have made significant contributions to the profession and their communities, as well as for achieving a standard of excellence in their profession.”

According to a statement issued by the Columbus chapter, only about 3 percent of the institute’s more than 90,000 members are distinguished with the honor of fellowship.

Members of the 2017 fellow’s jury included Columbus architect Peter Bardwell, principal in charge at Bardwell & Associates, who was chosen last year to serve a three-year term on the nine-person panel that selects institue members to become fellows.

This year’s fellows were selected for vastly different reasons.

Beougher, a public architect for the state of Ohio, works on the state’s energy and sustainability initiatives.

“He led efforts to reform the state’s 134-year-old public construction law to improve efficiency through alternative project delivery methods,” according to the Columbus chapter’s statement. “A champion for sustainable design and construction, his leadership in public capital improvement projects has had a direct effect on the built environment.”

Fishking was recognized for pioneering the “modular prefabrication of significant building components” in order to advance health care design and construction.

“As hospitals face demand for better care environments, coupled with rising construction costs, Fishking’s innovative idea paves the way for facilities that respond to the needs of patients and staff, improve the quality of the built environment, and reduce construction cost and schedule,” the award descriptions state.

Meleca earned his fellowship for establishing himself as the leader in the renaissance of traditional Roman Catholic Church architecture.

An expert in classical architecture and theology, Meleca’s “creative worship space designs represent a foundation in history while meeting the demands of the contemporary world, and are inspired by Dr. Dennis McNamara’s argument for a return to the classical tradition, most notably in Catholic Church architecture and the Spirit of Liturgy.”

The three new fellows are now among 20 American Institute of Architecture fellows from Columbus. They will be honored at the annual institute convention in Florida in April.

The American Institute of Architecture is based in Washington, D.C.

The Columbus chapter celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013 and is one of the largest midwestern urban components of the institute. It has approximately 650 members serving a 32-county area.

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