Websites have been an essential part of doing business in the modern marketplace for almost 20 years.

During that period, design elements such as the (visible) visitor counter, experimental fonts and cumbersome menus have come and gone (that is, until a younger tech generation becomes nostalgic and decides to embrace the retro web).

The latest trend — one-page websites — does away with all the distractions.

It’s aim? Simplicity.

Small Business Trends, an online publication at, reported last week that more and more businesses are deploying one-page websites.

The rationale behind the move, the publication explained, is keeping the interest of the ever elusive web viewers: More than half of all users will spend 15 seconds on a company’s website before losing interest and leaving.

A one-page website incorporates all that is necessary to a business’s internet presence all on a single HTML page.

Rather than a menu click taking a user to another HTML page, the menu click on a one-page website transports the user to a specific spot elsewhere on the single page.

Benefits include easier maintenance and a quicker turnaround time on development of the site, the publication reported.

“If it sounds like a one page website might be appropriate for your small business, you’ll be pleased to know they aren’t very difficult to create,” the article explained. “Although they are typically more complicated in terms of HTML coding, there are plenty of dynamic generators and free template providers that streamline the process.

“If your site is uses WordPress, you can even transform your cluttered site into a one page site in a matter of minutes.”

Copy should be concise as the overall design of the single-page website is minimalist, the article cautioned.

The new style is design driven, independent of the bells and whistles upon which early web design relied.

“And fickle customers consequently go on to appreciate receiving the Cliff’s Notes of who your company is and what it does,” the article detailed. “When in doubt, if you can say it less words, do it.”

Although some developers would make the case that a company is trading wider online visibility for simplicity and ease of use, Small Business Trends countered this suggestion that with proper search engine optimization that would result in bolstered page authority with a finite set of keywords.

“At the end of the day, only you know what’s right for your business,” the article stated. “Just remember to do your homework before you choose to experiment with a one-page website, and ensure you’ve got discernible aims … to decide swiftly and decisively whether a one-page website is working with you rather than against you.”

The result is a dynamic and overwhelmingly clean web presence that instructs potential customers on the value of the company and provides the business operator with the marketing message he or she requires.

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