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Legislation would eliminate requirement to notify police about concealed handgun

An onerous provision of Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law is the target of a freshman lawmaker’s bill that would strike from the books a licensed handgun carrier’s duty to notify police of a gun in his possession during a lawful stop. Republican Rep. Scott Wiggam of Wooster told members of the House Federalism and Interstate Relations [...]

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Lawmaker wants loophole to meth fire charges closed

The scourge of methamphetamine has been eclipsed in recent years by the onslaught of Ohio’s heroin epidemic. The development, however, has not dissuaded a Cincinnati lawmaker from addressing meth-related criminal activity by beefing up the state’s criminal code. Republican Rep. Louis Blessing III introduced earlier this session House Bill 19 to include recklessly causing, by [...]

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Bill: Ohio aviation hall would feature learning center, Wright monument

Not to be outdone by the National Aviation Hall of Fame, situated in the Riverside neighborhood of Dayton, near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, a Beavercreek lawmaker has championed a bill that would establish the state’s own organization and tribute recognizing Ohio’s aviation greats. Republican Rep. Rick Perales introduced House Bill 183 primarily because of the [...]

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State senator revives push for modern voting equipment

Not unlike the durable goods most folks install in their homes, the lifespan of the electronic voting machine and related tabulating equipment gets shorter by the year as technology advances by the minute and hackers grow more creative. It may come as no surprise, then, that Ohio’s voting equipment — which predates the Obama era [...]

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Law change could boost state crowdfunding laws that are seldomly used

MADISON, Wis. — A former Green Bay Packers player whose consulting business has connected 400 high school athletes with college teams got a lesson in federal securities law when he sought to raise money for a new smartphone app. Videoscore owner Darryl Ingram decided to seek Wisconsin investors through a process called state crowdfunding, a [...]

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Ohio lawmaker wants to make EpiPens more accessible

The media firestorm that resulted last summer when it became widely known that pharmaceutical company Mylan hiked the price of its life-saving EpiPen-brand epinephrine autoinjector by at least 400 percent has subsided. The drug’s accessibility, however, remains a problem, according to the Ohio lawmaker sponsoring a bill to address the issue. Rep. Derek Merrin, R-Monclova, [...]

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Justice Kennedy’s experience as police officer provides unique perspective

Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy began her career in justice as a police officer at the Hamilton Police Department. Her experiences ran the gamut of single-officer road patrol to undercover operations while working as a peace officer. Kennedy, later, as a civil assistant, aided in drafting police policy and procedure for the Accreditation Program. Upon [...]

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Lawyers can solicit clients with emails, says Ohio ethics board

Attorneys in Ohio can solicit clients via text messages as long as they follow ethics rules about advertising and follow telemarketing laws, the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct ruled last week. In Advisory Opinion 2017-3, the board provides guidance for lawyers who desire to use unsolicited emails as a form of advertising to attract new [...]

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Justice was once an Army officer, television reporter

Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O’Neill came to the high-court bench as the proverbial renaissance man. Before being elected as an appellate judge in 1997, he was a registered nurse at Hillcrest Hospital, an affiliate of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. The retired U.S. Army officer and Vietnam veteran also worked as both a newspaper and [...]

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