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Study: Most states would take a hit from GOP health bill

WASHINGTON — Most states would take a stiff budgetary hit if the latest Senate GOP health care bill becomes law, according to an independent analysis released this week. That would likely result in more uninsured Americans. The study by the consulting firm Avalere Health found that the Graham-Cassidy bill would lead to an overall $215 [...]

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Pro teams back fantasy sports bill

Ohio appears to be well on its way to joining 16 other states that have eased gambling laws to permit fantasy sports contests. Argument in favor of House Bill 132 this week attracted heavy hitters (and kickers) as both the Cincinnati Reds and Columbus Crew went on the record in support of the measure. “HB [...]

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Bill gives PUCO submetering oversight

A Republican lawmaker from Worthington believes Columbus high-rise residents and those in other residential settings throughout the state are getting a bad deal when it comes to having a say in their utilities. “Should Ohioans living in apartments or condominiums, generally, be entitled to the same consumer protections the legislature affords single-family homeowners,” Rep. Mike [...]

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Bill focuses on vision care practices

Members of the House Insurance Committee are mulling a bill that would eliminate the seemingly arbitrary limitations health insurers impose on vision care services for Ohio consumers. Lawmakers in the Ohio House of Representatives last week heard testimony in support of the measure — House Bill 156 — as the bill advanced in committee. Dr. [...]

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New secrecy tactic: suing people who seek public records

IOWA CITY, Iowa — An Oregon parent wanted details about school employees getting paid to stay home. A retired educator sought data about student performance in Louisiana. And college journalists in Kentucky requested documents about the investigations of employees accused of sexual misconduct. Instead, they got something else: sued by the agencies they had asked [...]

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Franklin County courts offer reading list to assist those affected by court decisions

Kids and grown ups alike may be troubled by any of the difficult decisions that come out of today’s courtrooms. The fallout from divorce, criminal trial, incarceration, debt and mental health issues usually affects more people than just the parties in a given case. It’s for this reason that Franklin County Clerk of Courts Maryellen [...]

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Proposal would formalize display of POW-MIA flag on state holidays

A bill that would statutorily formalize display of the POW-MIA flag on patriotic, state holidays secured a first hearing in an Ohio House of Representatives committee last week. Titled the POW/MIA Remembrance Act, House Bill 254 would requiring the POW/MIA flag — the national symbol of soldiers, sailors, marines and flyers who were held as [...]

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Law enforcement backs front license plate

Law enforcement associations recently countered state lawmakers’ assertions that display of a front license plate on registered Ohio motor vehicles is, at best, inconsequential when it comes to fighting crime. Both the Buckeye Sheriffs’ Association and the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police have come out against passage of House Bill 71, a measure that [...]

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E-licensing system for medical marijuana to launch early next year

The Ohio Department of Commerce is scheduled to have an e-licensing system in place next year to track various industry licenses required by the state’s medical marijuana control program. Persistent Systems was awarded a nearly $574,000 contract in August to build the system to track licenses for marijuana growers, processors, testing labs and their employees. [...]

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Weeklong training for new police chiefs is proposed

Ada Police Chief Michael Harnishfeger believes the days of police chiefs learning some of the important details of the job on the fly are bygone. A modern law enforcement agency requires its top executive to be prepared on Day 1, the Past President of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police told House lawmakers during [...]

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