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Lawmakers seeks to close child support law loopholes

A committee in the Ohio Senate is mulling a bill devised to close a number of loopholes in state child support laws. Members of the Judiciary Committee recently heard testimony from child support enforcement agencies throughout the Buckeye State — all supportive of the measure brought before the committee by Sen. William Coley, R-West Chester. [...]

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Modern family: More courts allow ‘tri-parenting’

NEW YORK (AP) — Sixteen-year-old Madison’s family clustered for a photo in a California courtroom, commemorating the day it finally became official that she has three parents. The adults she calls Mom, Dad and Mama were all there for her birth, after the women decided to have a child together and approached a male friend. [...]

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Qatar, in regional crisis, hires former U.S. attorney general’s law firm

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Qatar has paid $2.5 million to the law firm of a former attorney general under U.S. President George W. Bush to audit its efforts at stopping terrorism funding, a matter at the heart of the Gulf diplomatic crisis that erupted last week. John Ashcroft personally will lead his Washington-based firm’s [...]

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