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Proposed bill would require domestic violence offenders to temporarily turn in guns

A bill calling for individuals who are convicted of a domestic violence charge to temporarily turn over any guns in their possession to local law enforcement awaits committee assignment in the Ohio House of Representatives. Democrat Reps. Nickie Antonio and Janine Boyd of Lakewood and Cleveland Heights, respectively, introduced House Bill 305 earlier this month [...]

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Ohio Dem seeks federal reclassification of pot

A northeast Ohio lawmaker is calling on Congress and President Donald Trump’s Justice Department to remove marijuana from the list of Schedule I controlled substances as the state continues implementation of its medical marijuana policy and associated enterprises. Sen. Kenny Yuko, D-Richmond Heights, last week introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 13, which seeks reclassification of marijuana, [...]

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Bill designed to help pregnant minors get prenatal care

A bill that would no longer require a pregnant girl to file for judicial emancipation in order to make medical decisions about the pregnancy or her health otherwise has been introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives. The Democrat lawmakers sponsoring the measure — Reps. Nickie Antonio and Kristin Boggs of Lakewood and Columbus, respectively [...]

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Proposal would allow medical first responders to carry firearms

A Cincinnati emergency room physician has joined first responders from around the Buckeye State to back a proposed bill that would provide for firearms training for tactical medical professionals, who would be allowed to carry a firearm in a concealed manner while on duty. Dr. Dustin Calhoun, assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, associate director of [...]

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Should NYPD lawyers step in to prosecute? Protesters say no

NEW YORK (AP) — Arminta Jeffryes was arrested while protesting police brutality. Then the police department played an unusual role in her court case. A New York Police Department lawyer stepped in to prosecute the jaywalking charge against her, in a low-level court that usually has no prosecutors at all. While many similar cases get [...]

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Proposal designed to shore up Ohio’s school workers’ health care fund

The annual 3 percent cost of living adjustment guaranteed to Ohio’s retired public school workers through the School Employees Retirement System, or SERS, is at stake if current law and funding remain unchanged, according to a northwest Ohio lawmaker. If the status quo is maintained, Sen. Cliff Hite, R-Findlay told fellow senators seated on the [...]

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Proposal designed to streamline ballot voting boundaries

A legislative initiative calling for creation of a database that would help coordinate Ohio county boards of elections in instances in which a ballot issue straddles political subdivision boundaries recently got a first hearing before Ohio House of Representatives committee members. House Bill 237 would streamline coordination and communications from county to county in such [...]

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Powell lawmaker pitches school-funding revamp

A Powell lawmaker has outlined an ambitious plan to fix the state’s method of funding public schools, which was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Ohio more than 20 years ago. Based upon the premise that public funding should follow a student to whatever school his parents choose for the student, Republican Rep. Andrew [...]

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Stalled bill seeks to license roofers

A measure that seeks to license commercial roofers just as commercial plumbers, HVAC specialists and electricians are licensed has made little progress in the Ohio House of Representatives committee to which it was referred May 1. The sole sponsor of House Bill 164, Republican Rep. Tom Patton of Strongsville, told members of the Economic Development, [...]

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