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Franklin County has the most minority owned firms in the state

The state of Ohio met its goal of its Minority Business Enterprise program for the third consecutive year. State agencies purchased 23.65 percent of eligible goods and services through certified minority-owned businesses, while spending more than $305 million. That exceeded the mandate for the state to set aside 15 percent of its annual purchases towards [...]

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Gym tax-break plan favors non-profits, shrinks tax base, opponents say

House lawmakers seated on the Ways and Means Committee this week heard concerns of individuals who say a plan to make tax exempt gym memberships at facilities operated by charitable, non-profit groups will harm business at for-profit gyms and local governments’ bottom lines. Representatives of county and municipal governments and gyms and sports clubs criticized [...]

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Bill would end practice of suspending driving privileges for non-driving offenses

A bipartisan lawmaker duo seeks to upend Ohio courts’ practice of suspending an offender’s driving privileges in instances in which the offense is unrelated to driving or using the vehicle in a criminal manner. House Bill 260, jointly sponsored by Republican Rep. James Butler Jr. of Dayton and his Democrat counterpart Rep. Emilia Strong Sykes [...]

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No one is satisfied with new wind power sound rules in Vermont

MONTPELIER, Vt. — An effort by Vermont utility regulators to settle the long-standing, contentious issue of how much noise neighbors of industrial wind projects should be subject to ended up upsetting both proponents of wind power and those who say the noise poses a health risk to people who live near turbines. Proponents of using [...]

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Bill would change language in online housing docs

Restrictive covenants and discriminatory language, all too common features of early 20th century deeds and other housing documents, are targets of a House bill that would allow for the offending language to be redacted from online versions of these documents. Rep. Hearcel Craig, D-Columbus, last week introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives House Bill [...]

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House bill clarifies point at which speed limits become enforceable

Ohio motorists who wonder exactly when a posted speed limit change becomes effective may have a more concrete answer if a House bill clears both houses of the Ohio Legislature and makes it to Gov. John Kasich’s desk. A substitute version of House Bill 219, reported out of the Transportation and Public Safety Committee of [...]

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Federal judge sides with New Mexico ranchers in long-fought water case

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A U.S. court has sided with a New Mexico ranching family in a decades-long battle over access to water on national forest land, providing more certainty that state law allows for the protection of water rights dating back more than a century. The case of the Goss family has been closely watched [...]

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Bill to create state registry of diabetes cases proceeds

Lawmakers in the Ohio House of Representatives heard testimony in support of a legislative measure to establish a population-based diabetes registry that would presumably result in improved care. Specifically, the Ohio Diabetes Registry would monitor the incidence of each type of diabetes in the state and permit the state health department to accept and administer [...]

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Bill modifying Ohio residency test clears House

The Ohio House of Representatives last week passed House Bill 292 to adjust the criteria in determining whether an individual is considered an Ohio resident for state income tax purposes. Sponsored by Rep. Gary Scherer, R-Circleville — a CPA by trade, the bill would add four criteria to the bright-line test in order to be [...]

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How Trump’s tweets, outspoken comments affect legal system

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s voters may love his outspoken ways. But judges? Not so much. The president’s tweets already have played a role in court decisions blocking his bans on travel and transgender members of the military. The judge deciding Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s sentence also has said he might take Trump’s scathing criticism of Bergdahl [...]

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