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Push for gun laws faces resistance in most states

IOWA CITY, Iowa — The campaign for tighter gun laws that inspired unprecedented student walkouts across the country still faces an uphill climb in a majority of states, an Associated Press review of gun legislation found. The AP survey of bill activity in state legislatures before and after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting provides a [...]

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Removal of limits on sports grants is sought

Though unlikely an Ohio city would make a bid to host the Olympic Games anytime soon, a bill in the Ohio House of Representatives proposes making some sales tax receipts available to a city willing to undertake such a Herculean feat. House members seated for the Government Accountability and Oversight were to have heard testimony [...]

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Fur is dead: Animal welfare groups cheer San Francisco sale ban

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco supervisors voted unanimously to ban the sale of fur, further burnishing the city’s animal-loving credentials as it becomes the largest U.S. city to approve the prohibition. Animal welfare advocates around the world cheered news of Tuesday’s vote, applauding the city for its compassion and hoping that the legislation will [...]

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Supreme Court skeptical of crisis pregnancy center law

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court seems likely to strike down a California law that mainly regulates anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers. Both conservative and liberal justices voiced skepticism Tuesday about the law that requires the centers to tell clients about the availability of contraception, abortion and pre-natal care, at little or no cost. Centers that [...]

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School bullying, hazing bill awaits House vote

A bill formulated to provide Ohio schools, colleges and universities a standard protocol to address bullying and hazing while respecting local control is what a state lawmaker believes he has now that committee work in the Ohio House of Representatives is completed. The Ohio Anti-Bullying and Anti-Hazing Act is “a practical, measured, firm but fair [...]

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Lawmakers want more opioid data reported to state health officials

State lawmakers appear determined to attack the state’s opioid overdose and addiction crisis from all angles. Members of the Community and Family Advancement Committee in the Ohio House of Representatives were scheduled a third hearing today of a bill that proposes reporting of opioid-related medical and pharmaceutical data and activity to the state health department [...]

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Small banks, credit unions would get relief from reform bill

Separate from federal lawmakers’ efforts to undo some of the damage the law known as Dodd-Frank has inflicted on smaller banks and credit unions, Ohio’s Republican-led legislature is moving forward with its own plan to dismantle destructive elements of bank regulation. House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee members last week concluded its work on the [...]

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Bill would crack down on human trafficking practice of ‘re-homing’ difficult or unwanted children

The Ohio House of Representatives has taken up legislation that addresses extrajudicial adoptions, perhaps the most pernicious form of human trafficking. Called re-homing, the practice amounts to a transfer of a child’s legitimate custody from either his birth parents or legal, adoptive parents to willing individuals who forgo the lawful adoption process, presumably for illicit [...]

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Groups want judges to stop courthouse immigration arrests

BOSTON (AP) — Civil rights and indigent defense groups asked Massachusetts’ highest court Thursday to stop federal agents from arresting immigrants targeted for deportation at courthouses, saying the practice is scaring victims, witnesses and others away from halls of justice. The petition filed in the Supreme Judicial Court cites immigrants — including a woman who [...]

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Dem plan would add BMV rolls to eligible juror lists

Juries that are more representative of the communities they are meant to typify is the rationale for a bill in the Ohio Senate that secured a first hearing earlier this week. The Democrat measure, filed as Senate Bill 200, would require the commissioners of jurors to include persons issued a driver’s license or state identification [...]

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