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House members accept compromise bill for measure to limit special elections

Lawmakers seated for the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee in the Ohio House of Representatives reckoned last week that some August special elections are acceptable — just not those that amount to a permanent tax levy. The committee accepted the substitute bill for House Bill 342 that would permit tax and bond measures with durations [...]

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Think tank wants ‘broader perspective’ on regional economic study committee

A representative of the Greater Ohio Policy Center told Ohio Senate members that a bipartisan plan to create a regional economic study committee would be better served to include individuals from an advocacy group, an Ohio foundation and a representative of a metropolitan planning organization. During the Government Oversight and Reform Committee’s second hearing of [...]

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Bill would enhance penalties for drug offenses near treatment centers

Ohio’s opiate addiction and overdose problem has revealed perhaps the ugliest aspect of the illegal drug trade — the practice of preying on ex-users who seek rehabilitation. Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Dobson shared with lawmakers in the Ohio House of Representatives the story of his stepson who died of a fentanyl overdose, despite having [...]

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Chamber, trial lawyers oppose Republican plan to overhaul Ohio BWC

Detractors of a Republican lawmaker’s proposal to enact fundamental change at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation say provisions of House Bill 269 are overburdensome to employers, financially expose vulnerable workers and leave in layers of bureaucracy. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce and a representative from the Ohio Association for Justice cautioned members of the [...]

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State bar association announces most recent round of certified specialists

Three area attorneys recently joined the ranks of more than 700 of their peers who are certified by the Ohio State Bar Association in a specialized area of law, according to a press release announcing the latest round of participating attorneys. Kendra Carpenter of the Columbus firm Freytag Carpenter LLC was certified for specialization in [...]

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States’ rights: New pot rule sparks latest clash with federal government

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rescind an Obama-era policy on federal marijuana enforcement sparked an outcry from Republicans and Democrats. Their criticism: Sessions was trampling on the rights of states that had decided to legalize pot for medical or recreational use, or both. Pot remains illegal under federal [...]

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Ohio House proposes counterfeiting legislation at urging of the Secret Service

Ohio law enforcement agencies have always had to make do and charge offenders involved in counterfeiting crimes with the related offenses of forgery, criminal simulation or theft — the Ohio Revised Code includes no provision for the criminal offense. A Beavercreek Republican in the Ohio House of Representatives is hopeful his bill and the backing [...]

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