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Number of overdose deaths appears to be falling slightly

NEW YORK (AP) — Overdose deaths last year likely fell for the first time in nearly three decades, preliminary statistics suggest. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday posted the provisional numbers showing nearly 68,000 drug overdose deaths were reported last year. The number may go up as more investigations are completed, but [...]

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Congress grills Big Tech over competition, money, societal influence and power

Big Tech faced tough questions Tuesday as federal lawmakers focused on issues of potentially anticompetitive behavior by technology giants and expressed bipartisan skepticism over Facebook’s plan for a new digital currency. Companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon have long enjoyed nearly unbridled growth and a mythic stature as once-scrappy startups — born in [...]

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Will Trump allow Chevron stay in Venezuela amid sanctions?

WASHINGTON — Chevron was nearly booted from Venezuela in 2007 during a nationalization drive led by the late socialist President Hugo Chavez. Twelve years later, it faces a similar threat from an unlikely corner: the White House. The Trump administration is facing a July 27 deadline to renew a license granting Chevron permission to continue [...]

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Feds: Moving interior Department will save money, improve decisions

DENVER — The Trump administration said this week that it can save taxpayers millions of dollars, make better decisions and trim a “top heavy” office in Washington by moving the headquarters of the nation’s biggest land agency to Colorado and dispersing scores of jobs across 11 states in the U.S. West. Interior Department officials said [...]

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Cyberattacks inflict deep harm at schools growing more reliant on technology

AVON, Conn. (AP) — Over six weeks, the vandals kept coming, knocking the school system’s network offline several times a day. There was no breach of sensitive data files, but the attacks in which somebody deliberately overwhelmed the Avon Public Schools system in Connecticut still proved costly. Classroom lesson plans built around access to the [...]

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Stocking up for school can be eco-friendly – and economical

Earth-friendly school supplies can be expensive, but going green doesn’t mean asking your kid to open a lemonade stand to help pay. You can be gentle with the planet and respectful of your wallet. Start by widening your idea of what’s “green.” LOOK FOR FREEBIES FIRST Using what you already have is the ultimate environmentally [...]

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