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Few companies offer phased-retirement that lets workers ease into sunset

Plenty has been written about workers’ failure to plan adequately for retirement. Their employers seem to be doing an even worse job. Only 1 in 10 large employers offers a formal phased-retirement program that lets workers cut back their hours or responsibilities before they quit work entirely, according to the 2018 Longer Working Careers Survey [...]

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Report ranks central Ohio low for economic freedom

Central Ohio’s economy is ranked as one of the least economically free among the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. Columbus ranks as the sixth-least economically free metro area based on 2012 out of the 52 largest metro areas, according to libertarian think tank Reason Foundation’s 2019 U.S. Metropolitan Area Economic Freedom Index. The report breaks the [...]

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Grab a soda and go: Convenience stores get more convenient

SAN FRANCISCO — Get ready to say good riddance to the checkout line. A year after Amazon opened its first cashier-less store, startups and retailers are racing to get similar technology in stores throughout the world, letting shoppers buy groceries without waiting in line. If they work, cashier-less stores will not only save time but [...]

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Push to honor black tennis star comes amid blackface scandal

RICHMOND, Va. — A movement to rename a Richmond, Va., thoroughfare for groundbreaking black tennis player Arthur Ashe Jr. is cresting just as the state finds itself in turmoil over a blackface scandal involving the governor and attorney general. The man behind the street renaming says the confluence of the two unrelated developments involving race [...]

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Parents question whether conducting shooting drills traumatizes students

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Long before an ex-student opened fire on his former classmates in Parkland, Fla., many school districts conducted regular shooting drills — exercises that sometimes included simulated gunfire and blood and often happened with no warning that the attack wasn’t real. The drills began taking shape after the Columbine High School shooting [...]

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Some Washington sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun control laws

SPOKANE, Wash. — Sheriffs in a dozen Washington counties say they won’t enforce the state’s sweeping new restrictions on semi-automatic rifles until the courts decide whether they are constitutional. A statewide initiative approved by voters in November raised the minimum age for buying semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21, required buyers to first pass a [...]

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Before multiculturalism, blackface was rampant in pop culture

At the time Virginia’s future political leaders put on blackface in college for fun, Dan Aykroyd wore it too — in the hit 1983 comedy “Trading Places.” Sports announcers of that time often described Boston Celtics player Larry Bird, who is white, as “smart” while describing his black NBA opponents as athletically gifted. Such racial [...]

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