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ODNR to award permits for special deer hunts to thin herd

An effort to protect Ohio native plant communities has prompted state natural resources officials to coordinate a series of special deer hunts to thin herd numbers. The special hunts are slated for eight nature preserves across the Buckeye State, an announcement from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources detailed. High deer populations continue to negatively [...]

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Bribe or donation? Parent’s defense questions the difference

BOSTON — Robert Zangrillo is accused of paying $250,000 to get his daughter into college as a fake athlete. Prosecutors call it a bribe. But his lawyers say Zangrillo isn’t much different from parents who make formal donations to try to give their children an advantage in the admissions process. Zangrillo’s lawyers offered a glimpse [...]

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How college football became pipeline to NFL

Jay Berwanger won the inaugural Heisman Trophy in 1935 for the University of Chicago and became the No. 1 player taken in the first NFL draft a few months later. He chose to work at a rubber company and be a part-time coach for his alma mater rather than try to make a living playing [...]

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Alaska’s oil money headaches: ‘We did this to ourselves’

JUNEAU, Alaska — Daniel Bowen came to Alaska in 2011, looking for adventure and opportunity. He and his wife eventually settled on the Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage, a salmon fishing haven calling itself “Alaska’s Playground.” But the Bowens, both teachers, recently returned to their native Michigan. After years of stress over delayed state budgets, [...]

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Scandal-ridden NRA leader digs in against gun control

In the aftermath of the back-to-back massacres in Texas and Ohio, the debate over gun control has returned to the National Rifle Association and its immense power to stymie any significant legislation on the issue. The man largely responsible for the NRA’s uncompromising stance is its decades-long CEO, Wayne LaPierre, who has been engulfed in [...]

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Ohio AG joins coalition to protect young viewers from tobacco, authors letters to major content providers

In a move to eliminate kids’ passive exposure to e-cigarettes and smoking, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost joined a bipartisan coalition of 43 attorneys general to urge the streaming industry to limit tobacco use in their video content. The measure is in direct response to the growing number of teens who use e-cigarettes. According to [...]

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U.S., China trade war escalation comes at inopportune moment for economy

WASHINGTON — The escalation of the U.S.-China trade fight comes at a particularly inopportune moment for the global economy, threatening to turn a period of slower growth into recession. In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has said he will impose new taxes on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese imports. Beijing responded by halting [...]

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Local firm offers herbs, information via online apothecary

A locally-based online apothecary aims to connect the average person with its knowledge of herbs. Lily Kunning and Idearah Roeck- Akarkarasu started the worker-owned Haven Herbs as an online apothecary. “We want to offer herbal healing in an easy to understand and simple way,” Roeck- Akarkarasu said. “We’ve spent a lot of time with herbs [...]

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Nevada’s Walker lake poised to become great restoration story

RENO, Nev. — People driving between Reno and Las Vegas probably won’t notice anything unusual as they pass Walker Lake, located at the base of Nevada’s Wassuk Range in one of the least-populous counties in the United States. But people who waited decades yearning for the lake to recover from its human-driven death spiral are [...]

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