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Presidential hopefuls pushed by activists to go big on climate change

WASHINGTON (AP) — Environmental activists are ramping up a pressure campaign designed to drum up Democratic support for a sweeping agenda to fight climate change, with the 2020 presidential campaign in their sights. Hundreds of young demonstrators are planning to turn out Monday on Capitol Hill to push Democrats on a package of ambitious environmental [...]

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General Motors fights government to retain tax credit for electric cars

WASHINGTON (AP) — General Motors is fighting to retain a valuable tax credit for electric vehicles as the nation’s largest automaker contends with the political fallout triggered by its plans to shutter several U.S. factories and shed thousands of workers. Preserving the $7,500 tax incentive for buyers is crucial for GM as the company pivots [...]

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Artificial dyes are fading, but food will still get color enhancements

NEW YORK (AP) — Many companies including McDonald’s and Kellogg are purging artificial colors from their foods, but don’t expect your cheeseburgers or cereal to look much different. Colors send important signals about food, and companies aren’t going to stop playing into those perceptions. What’s accepted as normal can change, too, and vary by region. [...]

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Plant a tree: Milan’s ambitious plans to be cleaner, greener through forestation

MILAN — If Italy’s fashion capital has a predominant color, it is gray — not only because of the blocks of neoclassical stone buildings for which the city is celebrated, but also due to its often-gray sky, which traps pollution. But Milan now wants to shift its color palette toward green. The city has ambitious [...]

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Central Ohio entrepreneur nuts about his new buckeye product

Ohio is the heart of Geoffrey Lawson’s ecommerce business. “Legacy” is how the founder of Curio Cubes would describe his business in a single word. Curio Cubes are buckeyes frozen in lucite. They are cubed shape and translucent to see the buckeye in the center. “My ancestors settled in Ohio several generations ago and I [...]

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