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1Q Earnings Wrap: When nothing is better

NEW YORK — Behold the power of low expectations. Nearly all the companies in the S&P 500 have said how much profit they made in the first three months of the year, and growth looks to be close to nil. That’s usually a frightening thing for investors because stock prices tend to follow the path [...]

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Countertops and rubber bands: U.S. pursues obscure trade cases with several countries

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s high-profile trade offensives have grabbed headlines and rattled financial markets around the world. He’s battling China over the industries of the future, strong-arming Canada and Mexico into reshaping North American trade and threatening to tax cars from Europe. But his trade warriors are fighting dozens of more obscure battles [...]

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I.M. Pei’s architectural legacy stretched from the West to the East

BEIJING — The legacy of American architect I.M. Pei stretches from west to east, from the Louvre museum to his native China, where he helped fuse tradition and modernity as the country opened up after the Cultural Revolution. Pei, who died last week at the age of 102, added elegance to landscapes worldwide with powerful [...]

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Roy Moore weighs Ala. Senate re-run despite GOP opposition

WASHINGTON — Conservative lightning rod Roy Moore of Alabama, narrow loser of a turbulent special election for Senate in 2017, is considering a fresh run next year. National Republican leaders are signaling they’ll again try preventing their party from nominating the twice-removed state jurist whose campaign was battered by allegations of long-ago sexual harassment of [...]

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Five ways to save money on your RV road trip

Heading out on a road trip in a recreational vehicle allows travelers an opportunity to explore the nation while enjoying some comforts, too. “It’s not so much about just getting to where you’re going and stopping when you’re there, but you really get to enjoy the journey,” says Julie Hall, a spokesperson for AAA. “It’s [...]

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