2017 Delinquent Tax Notices 2018-01-02T12:51:32+00:00

Per the Ohio Revised Code Sections 5719.04 and 5719.08, the 2017 and proper General Business Personal Property Tax List, as returned delinquent by the county treasurer of Franklin County, are contained and described in the following list.

When taxes stand charged against a person are not paid within the time prescribed by law for their payment, the county treasurer, in addition to any other remedy provided by lawn for the collection of taxes, shall enforce the collection of the taxes by a civil action in the name of the treasurer against the person for the recovery of unpaid taxes. (Ohio Revised Code 5719.08).

Businesses with a total delinquency of less then $100 were excluded from publication. A full list can be viewed on our website at www.franklincountyauditor.com. If you have any questions, please call the Franklin County Treasurer at 614-525-3438 or the Franklin County Auditor at 614-525-3205.

Clarence E. Mingo, II

Franklin County Auditor


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