Former Lorain County commissioner's sentence vacated and remanded a second time

Published: 08/27/2015

A three-judge panel of 9th District Court of Appeals this week ruled that a former Lorain County commissioner was improperly resentenced after his case was remanded as a result of a direct appeal.

Appealing from the judgment of the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas, Michael Ross argued that the lower court should not have conducted a new sentencing hearing on counts where no errors were found in his original appeal.

Court must assess young man's ability to pay before imposing restitution in his murder case, judges rule

Published: 08/27/2015

A man found guilty of shooting and killing a woman during an armed robbery recently lost his appeal challenging his sentence from the Seneca County Court of Common Pleas.

The 3rd District Court of Appeals ruled that the lower court properly ordered Garrett Brown to serve consecutive prison terms for his offenses. However, it also ruled that the court improperly imposed a restitution order without considering Brown’s ability to pay and reversed the sentence in part.

Bill seeks Scleroderma Awareness Month

Published: 08/27/2015

Groups of Ohioans across the state have championed a bill that would designate June as Scleroderma Awareness Month.

The proposed legislation, Senate Bill 133, is sponsored by Sen. Bill Beagle, R-Tipp City.

Scleroderma is an autoimmune rheumatic disease that can affect the skin and the body’s connective tissue by the overproduction of collagen. The collagen buildup causes a tightening of skin and connective tissue that can limit mobility.

Drug convictions stand for man who stashed heroin, cocaine under car during arrest

Published: 08/27/2015

A man found stashing drugs in a car during the course of his arrest recently lost his appeal from the Butler County Court of Common Pleas.

Keiwaun Brown appealed his case to the 12th District Court of Appeals and argued that his multiple drug convictions were against the manifest weight and sufficiency of the evidence. The three-judge appellate panel disagreed.

Marijuana heads to the ballot amid heated debate

Published: 08/27/2015

Ohio voters will have the opportunity to legalize the commercial cultivation and sale of marijuana this November as they vote on Issue 3.

And if the issue were as simple as that, the measure would likely pass as a recent Quinnipiac University poll showed that 84 percent of Ohioans support medical marijuana and 52 percent support allowing adults to possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

2016 hopefuls hit the gym, try to skip pie on campaign trail

Published: 08/27/2015

DES MOINES, Iowa — Scott Walker is counting steps on his FitBit. Jeb Bush swears by the Paleo diet. Bobby Jindal is a “gym rat.”

With long travel days and a fresh slab of cherry pie never far away, the campaign trail is notoriously unhealthy. But many 2016 presidential candidates are striving to make smart lifestyle choices as they tour the small town diners and pizza places of the early voting states.

“I try to do at least 10,000 steps a day,” said Walker, the Wisconsin governor.

How China's tremors could weaken the world's major economie

Published: 08/27/2015

WASHINGTON — China is exporting something new to the world economy: fear.

Global investors are quaking over the prospect of a devastating slump in the world’s second-biggest economy. And they’re fast losing confidence that China’s policymakers, seemingly so sure-footed in the past, know how to solve the problem.

The worst-case scenario is that a collapsing Chinese economy would derail others around the world — from emerging markets in Chile and Indonesia to industrial powers such the United States, the European Union and Japan.

Katrina marker commemorates flooding of Lower 9th Ward

Published: 08/27/2015

NEW ORLEANS — The catastrophic flooding of New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward now has a commemorative marker at the site where a floodwall protecting the neighborhood collapsed, unleashing a wall of water 10 years ago during Hurricane Katrina.

The plaque was erected this week and unveiled during an emotional ceremony. Dozens of residents from the Lower 9th Ward came out for the unveiling of the bright green commemorative marker, which is located on a grassy city-owned levee slope on Jourdan Road.

Preseason and training camp football injuries mount up

Published: 08/27/2015

The games don’t count. That makes the pain from major preseason injuries even more, well, painful.

Yet NFL teams go through weeks of training camp in the intense heat of summer, then play four exhibition matches — five if you are chosen for the Hall of Fame game.

Despite new rules resulting from the 2011 labor agreement that curtail the number and intensity of practices, key players such as Packers star receiver Jordy Nelson don’t make it to the real season.

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