CBA program helps young lawyers get careers off to a good start

Published: 05/04/2016

This year, the Columbus Bar Association’s Bar inc program celebrates its fifth anniversary.

In 2011, Columbus Bar inc launched the first-of-its-kind incubator program in response to a bleak job market for lawyers just out of law school.

The intention was to assist young attorneys start solo practices by providing mentorships and resources in exchange for pro bono casework.

Higher ed overhaul gets House hearing this week

Published: 05/04/2016

A House subcommittee is expected to hear from supporters of the governor’s proposed overhaul to higher education to make it more affordable for Ohioans in a third hearing of House Bill 474 Thursday.

Rep. Tim Brown, R-Bowling Green, introduced the legislation, which would allow college students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree for certain courses of study at Ohio community and technical colleges, among other provisions.

Man accused of giving heroin to teenage son wins appeal

Published: 05/04/2016

The judgment of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas was recently overturned when an appellate court ruled that it should have allowed a defendant to withdraw a guilty plea.

A divided 10th District Court of Appeals ruled that Derrick Buell was denied the benefit of a joint sentencing recommendation when the trial court ignored the agreement and imposed a 30-month prison sentence.

According to case summary, Buell was accused of endangering children by providing heroin to his 15-year-old son. At the time, Buell was already on community control.

USDA to help farmers buy portable storage units

Published: 05/04/2016

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced April 29 during a local and regional food roundtable in Columbus that it will provide a new financing option to help farmers purchase portable storage and handling equipment .

Farm Service Agency Administrator Val Dolcini and Agricultural Marketing Service Administrator Elanor Starmer announced these changes to the Farm Storage Facility Loan program, with loans now including a smaller microloan option with lower down payments designed to help producers grow their businesses and markets whether new, small or mid-sized.

With more diverse residents, nursing homes starting to offer more individualized menus

Published: 05/04/2016

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — On a recent Thursday, the staff at Sunny Vista Living Center in Colorado Springs bustled in the kitchen.

The phone rang with a last minute order as Chris Willard tended to a large pot of Thai-style soup with fresh ginger, vegetables and thin-sliced beef.

It was a special meal for a woman of Asian descent who didn’t like any of the dozen choices on the menu.

Free to speak, New York City stop-and-frisk judge claims some victories

Published: 05/04/2016

NEW YORK (AP) — Tossing the gavel aside, feisty Judge Shira Scheindlin is speaking out, declaring victory over critics in the battle over police stop-and-frisk tactics and telling why she thinks the government spoiled its chance at conviction in four trials of John “Junior” Gotti.

Scheindlin, 69, ended a 25-year career on the bench Friday to join a law firm, hoping to find public interest work to improve things like prison reform, voting rights and medical care.

Tiny Nebraska town says no to 1,100 jobs, citing way of life

Published: 05/04/2016

NICKERSON, Neb. — Half-ton pickup trucks crowd the curb outside the One Horse Saloon, a neon Coors Light sign in the window and rib-eye steaks on the menu, but otherwise Nickerson, Neb., is nearly silent on a spring evening, with only rumbling freight trains interrupting bird songs.

Final arguments being made in dispute over ballots in Ohio

Published: 05/04/2016

COLUMBUS — Ohio’s elections chief and advocates for the homeless are making their final arguments in a federal lawsuit that could affect how thousands of ballots are cast and counted in the swing state.

Things to know about a gap year, when students take time off before college

Published: 05/04/2016

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia is taking a year off after graduating from high school before attending Harvard University as part of an expanding program for students known as a “gap year.”

Many colleges are encouraging the delayed entry to give students time to recharge after the stress of high school and build upon life or work experiences with a structured program of volunteer work, part-time employment or travel and internships in foreign countries.

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