Supreme Court of Ohio: Ohio judge lacks jurisdiction in Kentucky collections case

Published: 06/24/2016

The Supreme Court of Ohio this week ruled that an Ohio judge lacked jurisdiction to issue an injunction shielding an Ohio attorney from the collection efforts of Kentucky judgment creditors.

The per curiam opinion from the high court held that Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman interfered with a Kentucky court’s attempts to enforce its judgments and that Ruehlman had “no authority to impose extrastatutory preconditions on filing of foreign judgments in Ohio.”

Millennials crave adventure during their travels

Published: 06/24/2016

More millennials than ever are on the road, taking advantage of the benefits travel agents have to offer.

In a new report released last November by L.E. Hotels, more than half of agents said they see growth in the number of millennial clients.

About 60 percent said that over the past two years, 10 to 25 percent of their new business was from that age group.

According to the report, the dreams travelers are holding onto this year are to be young, healthy and adventurous.

New heroin law takes aim at drug dealers

Published: 06/24/2016

As the state escalates its fight against the Buckeye State’s near-epidemic heroin problem, Ohio law enforcement agencies and judges now are equipped with a new tool to get drug dealers off the streets.

Gov. John Kasich has signed into law House Bill 171, which effectively decreases the minimum amount of heroin to be considered a first-degree felony trafficking violation.

In Ocean State, yacht club's men-only policy rankles many

Published: 06/24/2016

WESTERLY, R.I. (AP) — Taylor Swift has a home in this seaside community, but even one of the world’s most famous women wouldn’t be able to join the Westerly Yacht Club, which bestows full membership only on men.

A vote to change the policy at the nearly century-old club in the Ocean State, where the love of sailing runs deep, failed to reach a two-thirds majority last week.

In a secret ballot, 207 men voted for the change and 171 men voted to keep it the way it is.

2 months on, investigators plug away on Pike County killings

Published: 06/24/2016

LONDON, Ohio — More than two dozen investigators are focused on solving the slayings of eight relatives who were found shot in southern Ohio two months ago, officials overseeing the top-priority investigation said this week.

In terms of the manpower and resources devoted to the case, it’s shaping up to be the biggest in the history of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Attorney General Mike DeWine told The Associated Press.

“We’re here for the duration, whatever that is,” DeWine said.

Many Americans say political opponents frighten them, threaten country

Published: 06/24/2016

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic and Republican views of the opposing political party have sunk to such lows that many say their rivals make them feel afraid, a major public opinion poll released Wednesday found.

Though party-line division is nearly as old as the republic and polls have long shown unfavorable views of the opposition, the newest Pew Research Center survey shows a worsening of opinions of political adversaries.

New for-profit medical schools springing up across US

Published: 06/24/2016

BOISE, Idaho — For-profit medical schools are starting to pop up around the country, promising to create new family doctors for underserved rural regions.

Rural states like Idaho need more general practitioners, with the baby boom generation aging and expanded insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act making health care more accessible. But critics of the new schools question whether companies can properly train the nation’s next crop of doctors.

Goal of owning home still strong, and 8 other housing trends

Published: 06/24/2016

WASHINGTON — Americans still want to own homes — if they can afford to. That’s the finding of a report released this week by the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies.

The pressures of student debt, rising rents and the leftover wreckage from the nearly decade-old housing bust have restrained people’s ability to buy, even though the dream remains alive. The report sees reasons for both optimism (more millennials are poised to leave the nest) and concern (rising numbers of renters face extreme costs).

Atlantic City's Showboat is reopening - but without casino

Published: 06/24/2016

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — The shuttered Showboat casino hotel will reopen next month — this time as a nongambling hotel, a developer said.

Philadelphia developer Bart Blatstein said 852 of the complex’s 1,300 rooms will be open to the public in July. The hotel will still be called the Showboat.

“I’m extremely bullish on Atlantic City,” Blatstein said. “I’ve never seen a better opportunity.”

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