Columbus Bar 2015-16 Board of Governors candidates named

Published: 04/17/2015

MichaelHeidPierce ReiszK. SchneiderArnoldDuBoseErnyMarzialeNolan
Eight members have been nominated to run for the Board of Governors and one candidate for the office of secretary/treasurer. The Nominations & Elections committee chaired by Past President Mark Petrucci, included Alec Andrews, Ulmer & Berne; Phil Collins, Collins & Slagle; Eleana Drakatos, Yacobozzi Drakatos; James Ervin, Roetzel & Andress; Ken Robinson, Slowik & Robinson; Anthony Sharett, BakerHostetler; Kathleen Trafford, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur; and Jay E. Michael, Columbus Bar president-elect.

Court rules teacher who damaged husband's ex-wife's car with hammer shouldn't have been suspended

Published: 04/17/2015

The Ohio State Board of Education cannot suspend a teacher’s license based on disorderly conduct without showing that the conduct hindered her ability to teach, according to a recent ruling from the 3rd District Court of Appeals.

The three-judge appellate panel affirmed a Shelby County Court of Common Pleas ruling finding that the board improperly suspended Kimberly Wall’s teaching license based on a disorderly conduct conviction.

Women wins appeal; court says police had no right to inspect purse

Published: 04/17/2015

The 9th District Court of Appeals recently reversed the judgment of the Wayne County Municipal Court which denied a defendant’s motion to suppress evidence of drug paraphernalia found in her purse.

The defendant, Taryn Chojnowski, was charged with one count of possessing drug abuse instruments, a second-degree misdemeanor.

Chojnowski filed a motion to suppress the evidence and, after a hearing on the matter, the trial court denied the motion.

Pastor opens nonprofit coffee shop in downtown Columbus

Published: 04/17/2015

When Kenny Sipes left his job in 2012 at the age of 47 with four kids and no plan, he admitted it may not have been the smartest move, but it’s what he had to do.

A youth pastor at a large Baptist church in Ohio, Sipes loved his job but he felt a restlessness that just wouldn’t go away.

After attending a conference with his wife, he informed her of his newfound clarity: “It was nothing bad, it was just something going on in my spirit.”

Inclusion of garbage trucks in MoveOver law for motorists is proposed

Published: 04/17/2015

Individuals connected to the state’s waste industry have soundly endorsed the reintroduction of a bill that would expand Ohio’s MoveOver laws to include stationary waste collection vehicles collecting refuse on a roadside.

“Every year, we, like other companies in our industry, have people injured, and sometimes killed, by being struck by passing cars while doing their jobs,” said Jim Thaxton, general counsel for Rumpke Companies, a Cincinnati-based recycling, waste collection and disposal services provider.

Man who sexually molested stepdaughter has appeal denied

Published: 04/17/2015

The 12th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed consecutive prison terms for a man found guilty in a second case accusing him of molesting his stepdaughter.

Dana Troy Neal argued on appeal that the trial court should have sentenced him to community control rather than sending him to prison because he was voluntarily seeking treatment.

The appellate judges, however, ruled that the Clermont County Court of Common Pleas properly issued a prison term after finding that Neal was convicted for similar conduct in 2001.

European vacation as much as 25 percent cheaper due to euro

Published: 04/17/2015

LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Vacations in Europe have a new attraction: the euro’s steep drop in value is making the continent much cheaper for tourists from across the world, especially the United States and China.

For American tourists, the dollar’s strength translates into a discount of around 25 percent compared with this time last year.

China’s currency has risen some 20 percent against the euro over the past year.

Estate tax hits fewer than 1 percent of estates

Published: 04/17/2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal estate tax inspires a lot of heated political rhetoric for a tax that very few people actually pay.

The House is scheduled to vote this week on a bill to repeal the estate tax, part of a package of bills highlighting Wednesday’s deadline to file income tax returns.

The federal tax on estates has been around in various forms since 1916.

Republicans have long called for repealing it; they refer to it as the “death tax.”

Only small number of Jeeps fixed 2 years after recall began

Published: 04/17/2015

DETROIT — Nearly two years after agreeing to recall 1.56 million older Jeeps that could catch fire in rear-end crashes, the maker of the vehicles has repaired only a fraction of the Jeeps covered by the recall, according to documents filed with federal safety regulators.

Fiat Chrysler U.S. has fixed just 4 percent of the Grand Cherokees and 27 percent of the Libertys that were recalled.

No matter the style, goaltenders getting tougher to beat

Published: 04/17/2015

Hall of Famer Patrick Roy treated the question almost like a shot on net, deflecting it away when hit with whether goaltenders of today are more athletic.

“Are you saying I was not?” the Colorado Avalanche coach said, his intimidating stare briefly returning. Then he thought about it for a moment.

“Maybe they are,” Roy said. “The position has improved so much since my first day in the NHL.”

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