Man who shot, killed girlfriend denied shorter sentence

Published: 07/02/2015

A three-judge panel in the 10th District Court of Appeals recently rejected a man’s claim that his domestic violence and voluntary manslaughter convictions should merge as allied offenses of similar import.

John Souza appealed a decision from the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas that construed his motion for resentencing as a petition for postconviction relief and dismissed it as untimely.

Court rules drunk driving convictions did not violate double jeopardy

Published: 07/02/2015

A Fairfield County man recently lost his Double Jeopardy argument when the 5th District Court of Appeals ruled that his convictions for drunk driving and aggravated vehicular assault did not have to merge for sentencing.

The Fairfield County Grand Jury indicted Cy Bigerton in April 2014 on a litany of charges related to an auto accident in which his car collided with a motorcycle.

The state alleged that Bigerton pulled out in front of the motorcycle, causing the two riders to be ejected and sustain serious injuries.

Evidence backed heroin dealer's convictions, court of appeals rules

Published: 07/02/2015

The judgment of the Greene County Court of Common Pleas was recently affirmed in the case of Derrick Caldwell, who was found guilty on multiple drug-related charges including possession and trafficking of heroin.

A panel of three judges in the 2nd District Court of Appeals found that Caldwell’s convictions were supported by the sufficiency and manifest weight of the evidence and it affirmed the 10-year prison sentence imposed by the lower court.

Bill would create standards in Ohio for Uber, Lyft operators

Published: 07/02/2015

The Ohio House has passed a bill that would regulate transportation network companies and their services.

“Transportation network companies or TNCs, such as Uber and Lyft, are already providing Ohioans with greatly expanded options for quick trips within and between cities in our state,” said Rep. Mike Duffey, R-Worthington.

Court of appeals finds no abuse of discretion in breaking and entering case

Published: 07/02/2015

The 1st District Court of Appeals recently held that a trial court did not abuse its discretion when it denied a motion to withdraw a guilty plea from defendant Robert Carr.

Carr challenged the decision of the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas where he pleaded guilty to one count of breaking and entering, a fifth-degree felony.

Case summary states that the trial court held a plea colloquy before accepting Carr’s admission of guilt and sentencing him to seven months in prison and three years of discretionary postrelease control.

Strongwater in Franklinton offers an artistic space for businesses looking to get creative

Published: 07/02/2015

Located slightly off the beaten path, Strongwater Food and Spirits provides businesses with a unique space for luncheons and client meetings.

Nestled into an old factory in the heart of up-and-coming East Franklinton, the restaurant’s vintage brick interior provides a historic vibe that is sure to inspire creative minds.

The space was born from the artistic spirits of 400 E. Rich Street, a 100-year-old warehouse that is still filled with private art and performance studios.

Justices take up dispute over union fees

Published: 07/02/2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court will consider limiting the power of government employee unions to collect fees from non-members in a case that labor officials say could threaten membership and further weaken union clout.

The justices said Tuesday they will hear an appeal from a group of California teachers who say it violates their First Amendment rights to have to pay any fees if they disagree with a union’s positions and don’t want to join it.

Consumer Reports finds some newer cars burn too much oil

Published: 07/02/2015

DETROIT (AP) — Newer cars aren’t supposed to need more oil between oil changes, but Consumer Reports found that some engines — mainly from Audi, BMW and Subaru — require an extra quart as often as once a month.

In an annual survey of car owners, significant numbers reported what the magazine considered to be excessive oil consumption. Consumer Reports focused on 2010 to 2014 models and called on automakers to make repairs under the powertrain warranty or to extend warranties.

Coal industry scores win, but fate of plants still in air

Published: 07/02/2015

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Coal companies and their supporters scored a courtroom victory with a U.S. Supreme Court decision that said the Obama administration failed to take potential costs into account when it decided to regulate toxic emissions from many power plants.

But officials from New England states downwind of coal plants expressed disappointment, and the industry’s legal triumph comes with a major asterisk: The disputed regulation will remain in force while a lower court reconsiders the issue, according to federal officials and outside observers.

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